MythTV frontend rebuffering problem

Roberto Mello rmello at
Wed Aug 30 14:44:32 MDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 12:16:34PM -0600, Chris Carey wrote:
> On 8/30/06, Roberto Mello <rmello at> wrote:
> >The backend server is an Athlon 1.8 GHz, 512 MiB of RAM. The frontend
> >where the problem happens is a Dual P3 with 512 MiB of RAM. Everyone has
> >DMA enabled.
> What MHZ is your Dual P3? Are you running SMP kernel? Does
> MythFrontend even have the capability to utilize the dual procs?

Dual P3 450. Yes, I'm running the SMP kernel (2.6.16). I don't think
mythfrontend supports multiple procs besides doing multiple threads and
letting the OS handle it from there.

The problem seems to be specifically on the transmission of data. I don't
the computer can't process the stream fast enough, otherwise mplayer
playing those very same files over the NFS share would be just as choppy.

It seems to be something strictly related to the way the myth protocol works.


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