Getting a fair deal?

Shane Hathaway shane at
Wed Aug 30 14:10:23 MDT 2006

Stuart Jansen wrote:
> BUT, part of the problem is also with the kernel's wireless stack. (I
> suspect the reason my OSS Broadcom drivers stopped working is that the
> kernel API version doesn't match the Fedora wireless-utils version.)
> Even the kernel developers admit the wireless stack is a mess. A few
> months ago, a very nice wireless stack was apparently donated by a
> company that specializes in embedded Linux wireless. Hopefully this will
> lead to improvements.

Are you referring to Devicescape?

Wireless support in Linux is great with some drivers.  I have a PCI 
802.11g card that has run with no hiccups under Linux for a couple of 
years now, using the prism54 module, spanning many kernel upgrades. 
OTOH, I also have a Centrino Thinkpad that uses the ipw2200 module; its 
wireless support mostly works, but seems to break every other time I 
upgrade the kernel.

My wife's Durabook laptop with Ubuntu loaded on it uses the rt2500 
module.  It has great wireless, but a very weird problem: if I don't 
disable interrupts in the Via display driver while the rt2500 module is 
loaded, the laptop freezes hard.  It seems that the display driver and 
rt2500 share the same interrupt, but rt2500 doesn't like to share.

A replacement for rt2500 is already underway (rt2x00), and ipw2200 is 
certainly receiving attention.  There's plenty of reason to believe 
wireless support in Linux is soon to be consistently great.


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