Getting a fair deal?

Wade Preston Shearer lists at
Wed Aug 30 12:52:09 MDT 2006

> You can't.  The only 17" macbook has a 2.16GHz processor, and  
> starts at
> $2799 with 1GB ram.  Upping to 2GB is $300 more.
> If you could downgrade the processor, it'd probably be about $300 less
> (rough guess), so $2800 vs $1350... hmmm....

Sheesh. Follow the logic _completely_ through gentlemen. Not just the  
processor, but everything. None of the 17" specs match up. The ram,  
the drive, the resolution, etc. Apple does not make build-to-order  
laptops so it a direct comparison with the specs that you want is not  
possible. For a direct comparison, you have to find a computer that  
matches Apple's specs, not the other way around.

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