Getting a fair deal?

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Wed Aug 30 12:31:44 MDT 2006

On 8/30/06, Stuart Jansen <sjansen at> wrote:
> Wireless. Admit it, Linux wireless is a mess.

I did have to install an rpm for my wireless card (Intel).  After
that, everything just worked.  I use NetworkManager in gnome.  It
detected all available wireless networks and asked me which one I
wanted to connect to.  When I clicked on the company wireless, it then
asked for my wep key.  It then connected me.  The whole process was

When I connected to my home wireless the process repeated.

It added both of these to my keyring and knows which one to connect me
to now when power up my laptop.  Its automagic.

> Printing. Finally getting some real love with CUPS 1.2 and the merging
> of various driver databases.


> 3d acceleration. I know this is manufacturer's fault, but the Linux
> community isn't putting enough pressure; everyone just accepts binaries
> drivers quietly.

True.  This is why I admire Fedora Core so much.  They refuse to ship
any binary only drivers from companies.

> Ease of use. I recently had an external USB disk overheat while
> transferring files. Because I've used Linux for so long, I knew to check
> my logs to find the cause. After getting errors despite sticking the
> drive in the freezer for a bit, I knew to run fsck. Should I have had
> to? No. The cause of the failure should have been more obvious, and the
> recovery should have been automatic.

What does OS-X say in a situation like this?  Does it pop up a message saying:
"The USB disk is overheating.  Please put it in the freezer?" :)


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