Getting a fair deal?

Barry Roberts blr at
Wed Aug 30 11:51:06 MDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 09:46:35AM -0700, Hill, Greg wrote:
> So, yeah, Macs may be great and all, but the attitude of their sheep
> fans is kind of off-putting.  I'll stick to paying way less for way
> more.  And anyone who complains about Microsoft's monopolistic tactics
> should take a close look at how Apple does business.  They'd be just as
> bad if they had that market share. 

Worse.  They do hardware.  I did my first Mac coding on 68000 Macs
with NuBus.  Those were REALLY open, and I just bet Steve Jobs still
wishes they could go back to the good old days.  And I wouldn't be
surprised if Apple ever tries.

If the original Mac had taken off and gotten the market share MS has
today, There would be 2 3D video cards and they would both cost $2000.

Just my $.02,

Barry Roberts

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