Getting a fair deal?

Steve smorrey at
Wed Aug 30 11:16:07 MDT 2006

Ok umm...
Let me try to rephrase.
I have only a little less than $800 for the laptop.
New or Used is irrelevant.
Macs are not at all likely, due to the fact that I'm programming a
Linux gaming client, however a cheap Mac I could dual boot is a
deffinite option.
Also I'm not wanting to buy something like a laptop online.  Unless I
can go into a local store and pick it up.  This is due to time
constraints (I'm impatient), as well as fear of scams (ebay? Uhh no
Anyways guys thanks for the Laptops Unlimited link thats that exactly
the type of place I'm looking for, a nice local shop where I can get
what I need and talk to a person.
If anyone else has a reputable local favorite shop I'ld be interested
to hear it.
Again thanks,

On 8/30/06, Jonathan Duncan <jonathan at> wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Hill, Greg wrote:
> > So, yeah, Macs may be great and all, but the attitude of their sheep
> > fans is kind of off-putting.  I'll stick to paying way less for way
> > more.  And anyone who complains about Microsoft's monopolistic tactics
> > should take a close look at how Apple does business.  They'd be just as
> > bad if they had that market share.  They already ripped off Konfabulator
> > and put several of their developers out of business by integrating any
> > good idea that any Mac developer came up with into the OS or bundled
> > software.  I think they're going after Virtualization next.  I hope that
> > new startup realizes that their days are numbered.
> >
> >
> Since I have started using Mac's (last year) I recognize that using a Mac
> can cause a huge bias to develop in the minds of Mac users.  I also agree
> that Mac users can very easily become sheeple who call Steve their
> shepard.  I am positive that Steve would love to be in Bill's monopolistic
> position. =)  Even still, I am enjoying being a Mac user.  Did I mention
> the hardware is friggin sexy!
> Jonathan
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