Getting a fair deal?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Wed Aug 30 11:10:25 MDT 2006

On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Hill, Greg wrote:

> So, yeah, Macs may be great and all, but the attitude of their sheep
> fans is kind of off-putting.  I'll stick to paying way less for way
> more.  And anyone who complains about Microsoft's monopolistic tactics
> should take a close look at how Apple does business.  They'd be just as
> bad if they had that market share.  They already ripped off Konfabulator
> and put several of their developers out of business by integrating any
> good idea that any Mac developer came up with into the OS or bundled
> software.  I think they're going after Virtualization next.  I hope that
> new startup realizes that their days are numbered.

Since I have started using Mac's (last year) I recognize that using a Mac 
can cause a huge bias to develop in the minds of Mac users.  I also agree 
that Mac users can very easily become sheeple who call Steve their 
shepard.  I am positive that Steve would love to be in Bill's monopolistic 
position. =)  Even still, I am enjoying being a Mac user.  Did I mention 
the hardware is friggin sexy!


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