MythTV frontend rebuffering problem

Roberto Mello rmello at
Wed Aug 30 11:00:39 MDT 2006

I have a Myth frontend machine where I get frequent "prebuffering" pauses.
It causes the video -- particularly on Live TV -- to be jerky. I'm only
doing standard TV, no fancy HD.

The backend server is an Athlon 1.8 GHz, 512 MiB of RAM. The frontend
where the problem happens is a Dual P3 with 512 MiB of RAM. Everyone has
DMA enabled.

The frontend plays videos from the backend via an NFS share from the
server, and mplayer has no problems whatsoever with that. The jerkyness
ONLY happens when playing MythTV-recorded content.

I've tried a number of things, like running the frontend as root to get
"realtime priority"; replacing the video card with a fancier Nvidia MX
5200; making sure the network card has the right kernel options to have
full duplex; and a number of other things.

Nothing seems to do the trick. I have another frontend (a Pentium M 1.7
laptop) that has no problems playing any type of content. 

Hints? Questions? is my dual P3 just too slow to handle mythtv streams?
Can I do something?


Ever notice how fast Windows runs?  Neither did I ...

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