Getting a fair deal?

Hill, Greg grhill at
Wed Aug 30 10:46:35 MDT 2006

> You invoke the rite of Mac Evangelist of your own choice?  So let it
> written, so let it be done.

I don't really care for OS:X because it hides all the tasty stuff away
so I have to google to figure out how to do anything significant.  But,
that part doesn't really bug me so much.  Allow me to elucidate what I
find so funny about Mac bigots.

[back when the g5 came out]
Mac Bigot: Macs are soooo much more powerful than your lame Intel crap.
We have 64 bit processors.  I don't know what that means 'cause I'm a
graphic designer, but Steve Jobs says it's better, so it must be.
Me: Well, I use AMD Athlons, not Intel.  And the benchmarks I've seen
show that Athlons trounce on G5s by quite a hefty margin.  Those
benchmarks were done using hefty photoshop filters and video editing
software.  The Athlons sometimes took less than half as long as an
equivalent G5.  And AMD had a 64 bit processor before you did, but it
was really only for servers.  The desktop version is just around the
corner and will cost waaay less than your G5s.

[dramatic change of subject because he didn't have any technical
knowledge to back up his claims]

Mac Bigot: Well, Macs are sooo much more user friendly
Me: Well, that whole one-button mouse is kinda stupid.  User-friendly
for morons maybe, but not power users.
Mac Bigot: Usability studies prove I'm right.
Me: Whatever.

[Fast forward to Steve Jobs announcing the move to Intel]

Mac Bigot: Yay!! All hail the mighty Steve Jobs!!  About time we moved
on to those powerful Intel processors.
Me: What about a few years ago?  You were all high and mighty about your
precious 64bit G5s.  These new Intels are 32bit, if you didn't notice.
Mac Bigot:  Whatever Steve says is law, all hail the mighty Steve.
Me: Whatever.

So, yeah, Macs may be great and all, but the attitude of their sheep
fans is kind of off-putting.  I'll stick to paying way less for way
more.  And anyone who complains about Microsoft's monopolistic tactics
should take a close look at how Apple does business.  They'd be just as
bad if they had that market share.  They already ripped off Konfabulator
and put several of their developers out of business by integrating any
good idea that any Mac developer came up with into the OS or bundled
software.  I think they're going after Virtualization next.  I hope that
new startup realizes that their days are numbered.


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