Media players crash on HTPC

Carl Youngblood carl at
Wed Aug 30 10:32:39 MDT 2006

Thanks for the tip Brandon, the problem was indeed related to the
video drivers.  I was using the HDTV-out cable on my card, and the
drivers unfortunately don't support most of the video acceleration
stuff that mplayer and other software is trying to do.  Everything
worked fine when I hooked my regular VGA monitor up instead of my
HDTV.  That means I need to go out and buy a VGA-to-component
transcoder :^(


On 8/28/06, Brandon Beattie <brandon+plug at> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 26, 2006 at 02:58:24PM -0700, Carl Youngblood wrote:
> > Update: after removing one of the pchdtv cards and the wintv 401 card
> > I'm still experiencing the same lock ups.  So I think the lockups are
> > probably not due to a conflict between cards, but rather some problem
> > in the pchdtv driver or something.
> >
> > Has anybody here gotten one of these pchdtv cards working?
> If you can read data just fine and it doesn't lock when not using
> xine-hd or tvtime then it's not likely at all to be the pchdtv driver.
> Check your logs after the reboot, anything odd in them?  What kernel are
> you using?  What versions of tvtime, xine-hd?  What happens if you try
> to start xine-hd or tvtime without the pchdtv card installed, or just
> rmmod the driver before you start them, what happens?  My /guess/ is
> it's more video card related, rather than the pchdtv driver causing the
> locking.  What video card, driver, and X server are you using?

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