Getting a fair deal?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Wed Aug 30 09:45:18 MDT 2006

On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Stuart Jansen wrote:

> On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 08:17 -0600, Steve wrote:
>> I have been looking all over for a good quality laptop that's
>> affordable i.e < $800 and am coming up a little short.
> I splurged on my last laptop purchase and ever since then I've been glad
> I did. Maintaining multiple computers is too much work, even if you try
> to use as many net apps as possible. My laptop quickly became my primary
> computer, then my only computer. Although my laptop is two years old, it
> can still hold its own again many more modern machines. I plan to keep
> it for another year. Don't go crazy, but if you can afford to bump your
> price range up to ~ $2000 you'll be able to get a much better machine
> with a longer life.

I agree.  My old "main computer" is now a Gentoo Linux box with a 300gb 
hard drive in it.  I use it to backup my MacBook Pro.  I just bring my 
computer home and it rsync's over the network.  It was worth the money to 
me because I can do everything I need to on it.  MacOS X is built on Unix 
so I run everything I need.  I also have Parallels Desktop which allows me 
to run XP, Linux, or whatever else I need in a virtual machine and XP runs 
faster on my Mac than it ever did on my desktop.  Granted, the hw specs 
are much better also.  I could probably talk about Macs and how amazing 
they are all day but people would probably get mad.  So I will stop while 
I am ahead.


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