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On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 08:17:30AM -0600, Steve wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Recently I've started needing to make frequent trips between Orem and
> Salt Lake.  Because of high gas prices, I am using mass transit and
> have realized that the long waits at/on the bus/train would be a great
> time to actually get some work done.

One determinant is battery life. Figure the time you spend commuting
during which you can get some work done. Add some overhead for battery
consumption due to suspend to RAM during the rest of the commute. Now
add a fudge factor due to the fact that battery life will get shorter
as you use it. That gives you your battery life requirement.

Remeber that manufacturers always overstate battery life, sometimes

Now decide if you want to lug the AC adapter around or buy a spare to
keep at the other end.

> I have been looking all over for a good quality laptop that's
> affordable i.e < $800 and am coming up a little short.  I want to get
> a good deal on a laptop and I'm hoping that pluggers could give some
> advice as to a place to go buy one.  I realize that this is a pretty
> offtopic subject at first but one of my primary requirements on any
> laptop would be the ability to dual boot and have the important bits
> such as HW 3D and wireless function without much fuss or hassle.
> So does anyone have any advice on this?
> Thanks in advance!
> Regards,

See the resources toward the top of In particular, check out
Linux on Laptops, tuxMobile, and the thinkwiki. The machine I
described on that page came in at about $1300 after adding RAM, and I
am quite pleased with it.


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