Media players crash on HTPC

Brandon Beattie brandon+plug at
Mon Aug 28 12:48:51 MDT 2006

On Sat, Aug 26, 2006 at 02:58:24PM -0700, Carl Youngblood wrote:
> Update: after removing one of the pchdtv cards and the wintv 401 card
> I'm still experiencing the same lock ups.  So I think the lockups are
> probably not due to a conflict between cards, but rather some problem
> in the pchdtv driver or something.
> Has anybody here gotten one of these pchdtv cards working?

If you can read data just fine and it doesn't lock when not using
xine-hd or tvtime then it's not likely at all to be the pchdtv driver.
Check your logs after the reboot, anything odd in them?  What kernel are
you using?  What versions of tvtime, xine-hd?  What happens if you try
to start xine-hd or tvtime without the pchdtv card installed, or just
rmmod the driver before you start them, what happens?  My /guess/ is
it's more video card related, rather than the pchdtv driver causing the
locking.  What video card, driver, and X server are you using?  


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