Media players crash on HTPC

Carl Youngblood carl at
Sat Aug 26 15:28:43 MDT 2006

I'm trying to set up a MythTV box on Ubuntu Dapper Drake.  I've got
two pcHDTV 5500 cards and one WinTV 401 card (mainly for its IR
remote).  I can get channels on the pcHDTV cards and record the mpeg
streams to disk.  Before I installed the pcHDTV cards I could also
watch analog TV with the WinTV 401 card with tvtime.  Now when I try
to load tvtime or xine-hd or mplayer to try to play an mpeg stream or
watch TV they cause my system to lock up.  Sometimes I can still move
the mouse around, and sometimes I see a window blank out as if it's
trying to update, and there is often still disk activity, but
otherwise the system is completely unresponsive and requires a hard

I think that there is some conflict between the analog devices on the
pcHDTV cards and the wintv 401, but I have no idea how to diagnose the
problem.  I have a good amount of linux experience but not with
drivers and hardware.

Any suggestions?



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