Looking for a programmer

Bryan Sant bryan.sant at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 15:04:19 MDT 2006

On 8/24/06, Jonathan Duncan <jonathan at jkdwebmagic.com> wrote:
> Your idea has merit.  However, I personally have no idea how to go about
> plugging that into our appliation.  That is one reason why I am here
> looking for a programmer.  But you have given me the idea to perhaps scout
> around in the VNC communities for a freelancer with the "skillz" I am
> looking for.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

VNC is released under the GPL.  Thus if you integrated any of the VNC
code with your own code base, you will be required to release all of
your code as GPL software.  If your web conferencing software is a
closed source product that you sell, you may want to avoid that.  It
looks as though www.realvnc.com also sells "personal" and "enterprise"
versions of VNC for money.  Chances are that they would also license
their source code to you under a non-GPL license (but then you'll
likely be paying them royalties for here until the cash cows come

For something as simple as blitting the screen, I would just write it
yourself.  There are free code examples on how to "capture the screen"
for every major desktop.  Knock yourself out, or pay a college student
$100 to do it.


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