Looking for a programmer

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at jkdwebmagic.com
Thu Aug 24 12:18:20 MDT 2006


I work for a company that is developing a web conferencing tool.  It is in the 
final stages of version 2.  However, there is one feature missing that we are 
getting asked for quite a bit.  That feature is the ability to capture the 
screen of the presenter of the web conference.  We want to be able to capture 
live what is going on on the desktop of the presenter and then channel that 
into our web conferencing tool so that conference attendees can see the 
presenter's desktop and what he is doing.

If this sounds like a project that you have the ability and time to work 
on or if you know someone who would be able to program such a feature, 
please let me know.  I am assuming that the programming language would 
need to be C/C++, but I am open to options.  Initially the OS screen we 
would need to capture is Windows, but we would eventually want to capture 
in Linux and Mac as well.

Thank you,
Jonathan Duncan

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