Help on new distro choices?

Thom Metge uug_emetge at
Wed Aug 23 16:54:15 MDT 2006

i'd have to say i discovered that ubuntu was not intended for the server 
audience in the same way... ditto the not so impressed for 
server/development.  but it is a great desktop.


Hill, Greg wrote:
>> This has all been great, but what about the newer distro's has anyone
>> given them a shot yet?  Fedora, SuSE, Gentoo, Ubuntu/Debian and
>> friends, I've already played with all of them in times past, but with
>> the recent explosion of distros I thought it might be time to try
>> something completely new.
>> Any ideas?
> Well, I decided to 'modernize' recently from redhat 9 to ubuntu, and I
> must say I find Ubuntu to be severely lacking as a distro for use as a
> server.  I spent hours and hours googling error messages only to
> discover that the ubuntu package manager had not installed dependencies
> where it needed to.  Make and gcc were the worst offenders, as neither
> would work at all when installed.  I had to install at least 5 or 6
> dependencies, despite assurances that all dependencies were
> automatically installed.
> Apache2/mod_perl2 was also pretty bad.  Am I the only person that uses
> lib-apreq2?  I can't fathom that being the case, but maybe it is.
> Ubuntu's apache2 and mod_perl2 packages did not install it, nor was it
> even an optional package to install.  I ended up uninstalling their lame
> packages and manually compiling everything (which led me to the make and
> gcc problems I mentioned above).
> Anyway, I'm less than impressed.
> Greg
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