Help on new distro choices?

Thom Metge uug_emetge at
Wed Aug 23 15:40:16 MDT 2006

quite true- i have a 1ghz laptop with 384mb ram, same kind of problem 
with most distros.  suse was an unqualified disaster, ubuntu was nice 
but didn't install gcc from the live cd (what!?), gentoo takes days (as 
mentioned), now i'm using fedora 5 and have been for a while.  i think i 
like ubunto a bit better and performance seems to side with ubuntu as 
well.  i guess it helps that i'm a gnome kind of guy.  but i do have to 
say that install fedora was a piece of cake and performance is 
definitely good enough.  i would recommend it, if you only have a couple 
of hours in your day to install (my laptop is a workhorse...can't afford 
to leave it for days while installing gentoo, whatever the benefit).

now if only suspend to ram and to disk worked properly...


jeff wrote:
> In my laptop's case it is definatly true.  The kernel is only a small 
> part of getting it to work well.  It has a celeron 677 with 384M RAM. It 
> is a dog.  It takes a lot of tweaking to make it happy.  I have found 
> that trying to strip Fedora down is more difficult than setting up a 
> lean gentoo.  The big downside is comiling on a dog.  It will take a few 
> days to install.
> Michael L Torrie wrote:
>> On Wed, 2006-08-23 at 13:33 -0600, an unknown sender wrote:
>> kernel throughput is all but irrelevant for most folks.  In fact most
>> distros now are optimized for apparent GUI performance, so the preempt
>> stuff, low-latency, and O(1) scheduler are enabled, which doesn't
>> necessarily increase overall performance.  With a lot of these
>> mechanisms, responsiveness is given priority over performance and
>> throughput.
> snip

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