Help on new distro choices?

jeff jeff at
Wed Aug 23 15:32:50 MDT 2006

In my laptop's case it is definatly true.  The kernel is only a small 
part of getting it to work well.  It has a celeron 677 with 384M RAM. 
It is a dog.  It takes a lot of tweaking to make it happy.  I have found 
that trying to strip Fedora down is more difficult than setting up a 
lean gentoo.  The big downside is comiling on a dog.  It will take a few 
days to install.

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-08-23 at 13:33 -0600, an unknown sender wrote:

> kernel throughput is all but irrelevant for most folks.  In fact most
> distros now are optimized for apparent GUI performance, so the preempt
> stuff, low-latency, and O(1) scheduler are enabled, which doesn't
> necessarily increase overall performance.  With a lot of these
> mechanisms, responsiveness is given priority over performance and
> throughput.

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