dspam and mysql

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Wed Aug 23 13:52:00 MDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-23 at 13:26 -0600, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> Michael,
> I use dspam for my set up. I hope you are happy with it. My results are mixed. I get
> about a 96% catch rate. I'm sure with other solutions you can get that number much
> higher.

I am just testing the install at this point.  dspam seems like it will
work well, but documentation on it is pretty poor.  Dspam will be used
as one part of a multi-pronged spam solution.

> I use clamav integrated with dspam as well, and wish that integration were a bit
> clearer.

I'm using clamav in a milter, so it filters right during the SMTP
connection rather than after delivery.

> Look in the "DRIVER SPECIFIC CONFIGURE SWITCHES" section in the README for the
> mysql_prefs* question:
>        --enable-preferences-extension
>        MySQL supports the preferences extension, which stores user preferences
>        in mysql instead of flat files (the built-in method)

Good to know. I'll see about activating this.  I definitely want this.

Unfortunately, this isn't my main problem.  The problem is the webui
isn't seeing any of the historical data in the sql database.  So the web
interface cannot be used to get statistics or even retrain the filter.
It's looking for the tokens and hashes in the data directory, but dspam
is putting these things in SQL.  I am probably missing something obvious

> I got nearly identical SPAM busting results using a list of RBLs, and geo-ip
> blocking. If you don't get mail from certain regions I highly recommend looking in
> to geo blocking (blocking IP blocks from entire regions - like Asia, Japan, South
> America, etc.). I'd go back to geo-ip, but I just love looking at pretty graphs and
> I am willing to suffer a few SPAM messages per day to have them! It's a small price
> to pay for cool.

Blocking whole regions for us is not appropriate as half of our students
are from PRC (China), so cutting them off from their families wouldn't
work.  Also we have email from collaborators all over the world.

One thing we have found extremely effective is grey-listing (done by
request of the end user).  If I add dspam on top of this, then add
spamassassin (which does RBL checking), we should have a more complete
solution, at least until the war escalates again.


> -Ryan
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