dspam and mysql

Ryan Simpkins ryan at ryansimpkins.com
Wed Aug 23 13:26:32 MDT 2006

On Tue, August 22, 2006 16:56, Michael L Torrie wrote:
> I have dspam configured to use the mysql driver for storing tokens and
> so forth.  Looking at the sql tables, tokens, hashes, histories, etc are
> being stored correctly.  However the web interface seems to be trying to
> access the histories and things from a folder on the disk, which is
> confusing me.  Does the cgi web gui that comes with dspam work with
> mysql at all?  Web documentation on dspam is very poor, consisting of
> hundreds of partial howto pages that really don't say much on
> configuration in general.
> I notice that one  of the mysql tables is for storing user preferences,
> yet this table is never used.  Can dspam be configured to store as much
> as possible in the SQL database?


I use dspam for my set up. I hope you are happy with it. My results are mixed. I get
about a 96% catch rate. I'm sure with other solutions you can get that number much

I use clamav integrated with dspam as well, and wish that integration were a bit

Look in the "DRIVER SPECIFIC CONFIGURE SWITCHES" section in the README for the
mysql_prefs* question:

       MySQL supports the preferences extension, which stores user preferences
       in mysql instead of flat files (the built-in method)

I got nearly identical SPAM busting results using a list of RBLs, and geo-ip
blocking. If you don't get mail from certain regions I highly recommend looking in
to geo blocking (blocking IP blocks from entire regions - like Asia, Japan, South
America, etc.). I'd go back to geo-ip, but I just love looking at pretty graphs and
I am willing to suffer a few SPAM messages per day to have them! It's a small price
to pay for cool.


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