Help on new distro choices?

jeff jeff at
Wed Aug 23 07:37:59 MDT 2006

I had problems installing some newer distros on my laptop.  Fedora Core 
5 Froze durring install.  CentOS 4.3 finished installing, but would not 
boot.  Gentoo's default kernel had frame buffer issues with my video 
card.  The laptop is a dog, and I didn't have a couple of days for stuff 
to compile, so I ended up reverting to Core 4 on it.

It seems like older systems are getting more difficult to get working 
these days.  When I do have the time... Gentoo is going back on it. 
Fedora is just too slow on it.

Steve wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Recently a windows re-install that went awry took out my Linux disk,
> and so it's time to install a new distro I guess.
> Previous to now I had been running Kubuntu as my day to day distro,
> and I really liked it, sadly though the latest Kubuntu freezes
> mid-install (this is not a bad media issue, since I burned 3 seperate



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