dspam and mysql

Michael L Torrie torriem at chem.byu.edu
Tue Aug 22 16:56:07 MDT 2006

I have dspam configured to use the mysql driver for storing tokens and
so forth.  Looking at the sql tables, tokens, hashes, histories, etc are
being stored correctly.  However the web interface seems to be trying to
access the histories and things from a folder on the disk, which is
confusing me.  Does the cgi web gui that comes with dspam work with
mysql at all?  Web documentation on dspam is very poor, consisting of
hundreds of partial howto pages that really don't say much on
configuration in general.

I notice that one  of the mysql tables is for storing user preferences,
yet this table is never used.  Can dspam be configured to store as much
as possible in the SQL database?


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