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Tue Aug 22 16:11:14 MDT 2006

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Grant Shipley wrote:
> Shameless plug for Fedora Core 5.
> The default desktop is gnome but you can select KDE 3.5 during the
> install process.

You can also make KDE the default for everyone using the system by editing
/etc/sysconfig/desktop (as root) and setting DESKTOP=KDE.

The system will still use gdm as the graphical login facility, but you can
change that too by setting DISPLAYMANAGER=KDE to run kdm instead.

> I would also suggest that once you have the OS installed, download
> fedora frog to bring your system up to speed with all the latest
> codecs and plugins etc. etc.

Hmmm. This is actually the first time I've heard of Fedora Frog. It looks
like it does what I usually do when I first install Fedora:

Once you have livna, jpackage, flash, and freshrpms repositories configured
in your yum configuration, run 'pirut'. also has all the cool tips on how to get your third-party ATI
or NVidia drivers installed as RPM packages. Very handy.

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