High Level Perl Jobs

Paul Seamons paul at seamons.com
Tue Aug 22 11:31:48 MDT 2006

On Tuesday 22 August 2006 10:48 am, Steve wrote:
> Are there any good books one would recommend reading, in regards to
> the current iteration of Perl and/or OO Perl?

Sadly I think the most accurate answer is "no."

While there are some books, most of them push concepts that aren't necessary 
or are overly burdensome.  If I were to suggest anything I would do either of 
the following (or both):

1) Use the man (or perldoc if you have it)

     man perlboot            Perl OO tutorial for beginners
     man perltoot            Perl OO tutorial, part 1
     man perltooc            Perl OO tutorial, part 2
     man perlbot             Perl OO tricks and examples

     man perl                List a bunch of other resources that are useful.

2) Find commonly used modules on CPAN and read the code.  There will be a 
variety of styles.  You will be able to soon distinguish between those that 
are easy to read and are well coded and those that are not.

As a followup to number 2.  I would avoid CPAN modules or frameworks that seem 
to employ a high level of magic.  There are some basic OO Perl concepts and 
then there are several theoretical and advanced concepts that are not all 
that useful or even safe for common use and can make things confusing 
quickly.  Additionally, many of the frameworks are generally a language unto 
themselves.  I would actually avoid the frameworks if you are planning on 
learning perl to write your own non-framework code.


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