Help on new distro choices?

Steve smorrey at
Tue Aug 22 10:39:50 MDT 2006

Hello everyone,
Recently a windows re-install that went awry took out my Linux disk,
and so it's time to install a new distro I guess.
Previous to now I had been running Kubuntu as my day to day distro,
and I really liked it, sadly though the latest Kubuntu freezes
mid-install (this is not a bad media issue, since I burned 3 seperate
copies on 3 different media)
Lately I've noticed an explosion in the number of new distro's.  Some
look really, really cool but I'm worried they may not be around in a

Anyways, I'm looking for one that would be quick and easy to install.
While I do have the skills to sit and install something like Gentoo, I
really do need to get a Linux desktop going as quickly and painlessly
as possible.  I have a wife and family who hate it when I sit and try
out new distro's (something about family time?).
So I'm hoping my friends on the list can help me narrow it down.
My ideal distro would have the following.

KDE as default Desktop. (Gnome is ok too but I really do preffer KDE)
Built in support for my HW (HW List follows)
I would preffer a distro with a good package management system that
doesn't send me into dependency hell, and has lots of package choices.
Regularly maintained and updated with current packages (Why on earth a
current distro would ship with Kernel 2.4 as the default is beyond
Fast install with logical defaults (i.e. Yes install GCC, no don't
install the entire repository)

I would also preffer either HW accelerated 3D out of the box, or
extremely simple and fast to get going (I'm a game developer so 3D
support is a must).

My HW is as follows
AMD Athlon 200+XP
Via Chipset (sound, modem, northbridge)
ATI Radeon 9200SE (Identifies itself as a 9000 chipset is RV250)
Broadcom 4401 10/100 Ethernet Adapter.

Thats pretty much it, any advice is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

p.s. The following 2 distros have failed to install at all Kubuntu
(most recent), Koororaa

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