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Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Aug 16 12:04:53 MDT 2006

On Wed, August 16, 2006 08:48, jeff wrote:
>> 1) A directory of members (name, contact, company, position, bio, etc).
>> 2) A directory of FOSS friendly local businesses.
>> 3) Regular highlights of the mailing list (ala kerneltrap).
>> 4) Published member survey highlighting the local FOSS community.
> Don't care about any of these.... I don't want my contact info on a web
> page where it can be harvested.

That is a valid concern. For some members their contacts are all ready everywhere,
so having it in one more place may not be a big deal. Also, any sort of directory
participation would be 100% optional. If you would prefer not to list your contact
information, but instead provide a short bio and an IRC nick, that might be just as
useful to people. The real question is this: Would a member directory be useful to
you to look at? Would you ever use it to learn who members are, and a bit about
their background? Would a picture be helpful so you know who you are staring at in
meetings? What if there was a 'For Hire" flag that indicated someone could do
contract work? What information would it need to contain to be useful to the viewer
and participant?

If none of these are useful to you, is there some other feature you think would be?
I've heard a wiki idea thrown out a bit. I'd love to see a discussion about that. I
think wikis are way overused, and there are tons of them out there. However, they
are so easy to install it's trivial to get something up. A wiki without information,
however, is pretty much useless. In my opinion a handful of tips in a wiki isn't as
useful as a focused article written by a member.

It's all about the content. In my opinion having higher quality content, even if
posted infrequently, is more useful than the odd tip.

>> I like the colors, and the font is easy to read.
> Kind of bland colors.

That is a great suggestion. Do you have any thoughts on what would look better?
Perhaps you have a link to a LUG out there that has a really cool web site?



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