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jeff jeff at
Wed Aug 16 08:48:19 MDT 2006

Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> If you could have one (only one) of the following four things on the PLUG web site,
> which one would you want?
> 1) A directory of members (name, contact, company, position, bio, etc).
> 2) A directory of FOSS friendly local businesses.
> 3) Regular highlights of the mailing list (ala kerneltrap).
> 4) Published member survey highlighting the local FOSS community.
Don't care about any of these.... I don't want my contact info on a web 
page where it can be harvested.

> Other ideas are good if you have some. Here are some additional 'survey' type
> questions about the web site to hopefully spark a discussion about it...
> How many times a month do you look at the PLUG site to see if it has been updated?
Once, a few days before the meeting to see if it lists the new meeting.
> How many times have you visited in the last 3 months for the sole purpose of
> obtaining meeting information (topic, time, or location)?
> ## Respond to the following statements in some way: ##
> The PLUG web site layout is pleasing to me.
Layout is fine.
> I like the colors, and the font is easy to read.
Kind of bland colors.
> There are plenty of links for me to click on. Clickity, clickity.
Might be nice to list links to those who support plug... i.e. O'Reilly, 
APress, give us books, we should have links to them.  TLDP,, 
distrowatch, etc.
> I think the PLUG site could really be useful to me, if only...


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