Debian package question

Dave Smith dave at
Tue Aug 15 09:02:45 MDT 2006

Try this:

   apt-get install deborphan


Daniel C. wrote:
> Okay, I've done my Google homework on this but haven't been able to
> find anything.  Maybe I'm overlooking something, I don't know.
> Anyway, is there a way to get a list of installed packages that are
> redundant or have nothing depending on them?
> I've been fiddling with my server, trying to get a few things working.
> They're working now (yay!) but I'm certain that I've left a bunch of
> stuff sitting around that doesn't need to be there.  I tried to remove
> packages properly as I backtracked but I'm sure that I missed a few
> here and there.  So I'd like to go through and clean out anything I
> missed.  dpkg -l lists all the installed packages but doesn't seem to
> make a distinction between packages that are being "used" and those
> that aren't.
> Thanks,
> Dan
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