PLUG Web Site

Jason Hall jayce at
Wed Aug 9 11:41:28 MDT 2006

On Wednesday 09 August 2006 10:09, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> 1) A directory of members (name, contact, company, position, bio, etc).
> 4) Published member survey highlighting the local FOSS community.

One thing I've always wanted is along the lines of these two items.  Where 
each user can have their information, and if they want, links to their 
companies, contracting rates/specialties/resume's and such.  I think plug 
should definitely serve as a tool for the members employment.

Also, integration with the other groups in the area (those familiar with the 
UTOSC idea will know what i'm talking about).  Let's get the groups workign 
together more, starting with our sites.


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