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Doran L. Barton fozz at
Wed Aug 9 11:07:27 MDT 2006

Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> If you could have one (only one) of the following four things on the PLUG web site,
> which one would you want?
> 1) A directory of members (name, contact, company, position, bio, etc).
> 2) A directory of FOSS friendly local businesses.
> 3) Regular highlights of the mailing list (ala kerneltrap).
> 4) Published member survey highlighting the local FOSS community.

The PLUG member in me says (1), but the FOSS-friendly local business-owner
in me says (2).

> How many times a month do you look at the PLUG site to see if it has been updated?

Never, but only because of IRC and the mailing list(s).

> How many times have you visited in the last 3 months for the sole purpose of
> obtaining meeting information (topic, time, or location)?


> ## Respond to the following statements in some way: ##
> The PLUG web site layout is pleasing to me.

*looks at it*

Yeah. It's fine.

> I like the colors, and the font is easy to read.

Yeah- and I like that it is fluid layout.

> There are plenty of links for me to click on. Clickity, clickity.

Well, right now all the links are off-site. So, there are no internal links
to click on. I'd like to see that change.

> I think the PLUG site could really be useful to me, if only...

More member-provided content. Articles, FAQs, etc. A wiki, perhaps? Probably

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