Suse on Sata

Joe Crown joecr at
Mon Aug 7 19:35:42 MDT 2006

Andrew Jorgensen wrote:
> Windows also has software RAID (at least 0 and 1 maybe others).  I
> have no idea how good or bad it might be but it probably works fine.
> I also haven't actually used it so don't ask me for advice.  You can't
> use it on your system partition though.

One minor correction.  You can setup a mirror of your system drive.  If 
you are running Windows NT server, Windows 2000 Server (any of them), or 
Windows 2003 server you can do a stripe set with parity.  I'm not sure 
what level of RAID that is though.  It's at least 3 drives of the same 
size & if one dies you are ok as long as you replace the dead drive 
before another one dies.  All versions of the NT kernel support the 
following Mirror set, Stripe set, & Disk set.  (I'm not sure about XP 
Home or XP Media Center edition, as Home is missing a bunch of features 
in Pro & Media Center is somewhere in between the other two versions.) 
A Mirror set is when one drive is an exact copy of another drive, a 
Stripe set is two or more drives of the same size & data is written to 
all drives in the set at the same time, a Disk set is two or more drives 
where the size doesn't matter & data is written to one drive till it is 
filled up.


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