apt reinstall package broken?

Roberto Mello rmello at fslc.usu.edu
Fri Aug 4 09:17:37 MDT 2006

On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 04:07:23PM -0700, Blake Barnett wrote:
> Even these are overkill, unless configured otherwise APT defaults to  
> caching all packages that are installed in /var/cache/apt/archive,  

That's an unreasonable assumption, unless you install ALL your packages
directly through apt, which is not very efficient. dselect and aptitude
default to asking if you want to remove downloaded installed packages.

But you're right, you could be lucky and the package could still be lying
around /var/cache/apt/archives, good thinking.

> besides, if you download the package you are very likely to get a  
> newer version than what you're running and this could lead to  
> unexpected behavior.

Why? If he was willing to remove the whole frigging package just to get
that init.d file, I don't see how that could happen.
Samba configuration hasn't changed in eons.


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