apt reinstall package broken?

Bart Whiteley bart.plug at whiteley.org
Thu Aug 3 15:34:15 MDT 2006

On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 03:28:55PM -0600, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> I accidentally deleted the /etc/init.d/samba script.  I thought I could
> get it back by removing samba and reinstalling, but apt did not
> regenerate this file.  What am I doing wrong?
> First I did
>     # apt-get remove samba samba-common
>     # apt-get clean
>     # apt-get install samba
> But the samba script did not get recreated.  Which step am I missing?

Let's see if my apt hat still fits...

Try a --purge with remove.  I can't remember if you use this in addition to 
"remove" or in place of it.  Then when you install samba it may create 
your missing script. 

bart  --  Bart Whiteley 

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