Spam filter training using IMAP

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Thu Aug 3 15:01:37 MDT 2006

Thus said Shane Hathaway on Wed, 02 Aug 2006 18:44:22 MDT:

> For a  long while, I've  wondered how to  make the training  easy, but
> today it finally hit me: just have  the users put spam in a designated
> IMAP folder and "ham" in a different folder. Then re-train at night if
> the users have changed the ham or spam folders during the day.

For  a small  number  of accounts  this  will work  just  fine. I  setup
something similar on my server. One thing to think about is... when they
drag a message  into ham (i.e. one that has  been misclassified as spam)
they probably want to keep the message so you might want to redeposit it
into the inbox.

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