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Tue Aug 1 16:45:27 MDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 10:17 -0600, Stephen Smith wrote:
> What would be your recommendations for quickly moving our existing 
> server and accounts to a new platform. 

You didn't ask about SMTP servers, but I'd recommend Postfix. It's easy,
it has a good security track record. Michael Torrie pointed out that it
doesn't support milter on most distros right now. However, the newest
version of Postfix (released last month IIRC) now has milter support. If
milter was the only thing tying your to Sendmail, it's time to switch to

> Which IMAP server would you use? 

I love Dovecot. Dovecot is designed to be secure and fast. As a side
effect, it is very easy to configure. (Because easy to configure == easy
to secure correctly.)

_However_, Dovecot is not yet appropriate for large organizations.
Personal, small business and low range medium size businesses will do
wonderfully with it. Once your user count starts to include the word
"thousand" you'll probably have problems simply because Dovecot is so

> Which is the easiest to manage? 

Postfix and Dovecot are just about as simple as it gets. Unless you pay
for canned email solutions. (Which, as some have pointed out, is worth
thinking about if you're large enough.)

> What benefits are there for your particular recommendation that set it 
> appart from the others?

Security, speed & simplicity. Postfix has a great security track record,
it's one of the fastest, and it's easy to configure. Dovecot as starting
down the same path by making similar decisions. It is simple, it is
fast, and things are looking good for a positive security track record.

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