Best IMAP mail server

Gary Thornock gthornock at
Tue Aug 1 16:27:16 MDT 2006

--- Stephen Smith <scsmith1451 at> wrote:
> We are planning to replace our current mail server which is
> sendmail configured for SMTP only.  We would like to move to
> an IMAP server with more security.  The RH distribution has
> dovecot as a secure IMAP server, but I have heard little about
> it.
> What would be your recommendations for quickly moving our      
> existing server and accounts to a new platform.                
> Which IMAP server would you use?
> Which is the easiest to manage?
> What benefits are there for your particular recommendation that
> set it appart from the others?
> All input will be appreciated.

My current setup is Postfix + procmail + spamassassin + Dovecot.
The setup is fairly easy: in most cases the defaults (at least,
on FreeBSD) Just Work.

Given you've already been working with sendmail, though, you
might also want to consider just sticking with the existing setup
and adding Dovecot or another IMAP server to that.

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