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Corey Edwards tensai at
Tue Aug 1 16:16:33 MDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 10:17 -0600, Stephen Smith wrote:
> We are planning to replace our current mail server which is sendmail 
> configured for SMTP only.  We would like to move to an IMAP server with 
> more security.  The RH distribution has dovecot as a secure IMAP server, 
> but I have heard little about it. 

Dovecot, no matter what Hans thinks about it, still can't replace
Sendmail. You will need an SMTP daemon regardless of what's handling
IMAP. Some software suites handle all of them (eg. Courier), some come
separately. Just want to make sure we're clear on that, otherwise your
mail flow will quickly dry up.

> What would be your recommendations for quickly moving our existing 
> server and accounts to a new platform. 
> Which IMAP server would you use? 
> Which is the easiest to manage? 
> What benefits are there for your particular recommendation that set it 
> appart from the others?

For my own personal server, I use Exim 4 (for SMTP) and Courier (for POP
and IMAP). It wasn't hard to set up. Courier is pretty much dead simple.
There's just not much to an IMAP server. Exim I love because the acl
rules are so darned powerful.

Now for my company, it was a different story. We're an ISP and managing
all the little pieces of a hacked together setup for thousands of users
got to be a real pain. We recently switched to Surgemail which is an
SMTP, IMAP, POP, webmail, mailing list, you name it suite. It's not Free
nor free, but we've been quite happy with it.


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