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Kimball Larsen kimball at
Tue Aug 1 15:44:19 MDT 2006

On Jul 31, 2006, at 10:17 AM, Stephen Smith wrote:

> We are planning to replace our current mail server which is  
> sendmail configured for SMTP only.  We would like to move to an  
> IMAP server with more security.  The RH distribution has dovecot as  
> a secure IMAP server, but I have heard little about it.
> What would be your recommendations for quickly moving our existing  
> server and accounts to a new platform.
> Which IMAP server would you use?
> Which is the easiest to manage?
> What benefits are there for your particular recommendation that set  
> it appart from the others?
> All input will be appreciated.

We use a combination of tools that center around Postfix.  I have  
found the directions here[1] to be very useful, and am currently  
running a pretty busy server with this configuration.  It provides  
webmail, anti-virus/spam, IMAP, POP, SMTP (authenticated), ssl, etc.   
All email server admin (as far as users, aliases, etc) are done via  
mysql, which fits me nicely. :)

This tutorial is really designed for the Debian/Ubuntu crowd though.

I know Hans likes Dovecot .

-- Kimball 

[1] -

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