Remote Control

Shane Hathaway shane at
Sun Apr 30 19:39:52 MDT 2006

Hans Fugal wrote:
> So I got a cable for my Radeon 7000 and now can watch things on my TV,
> pretty neat. I'm not doing MythTV or anything like that (no interesting
> signals to justify a PVR), but I do find I would like some kind of
> remote control. I know some of you are into MythTV and probably have run
> this gauntlet before.

I've used both a Hauppage remote (IR) and the ATI Remote Wonder Plus 
(RF) that came with the HDTV Wonder.  The RWP is much better; it never 
misses a keypress.  It requires a small patch to LIRC, unless you use 
the driver in the kernel.



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