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Merrill Oveson moveson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 13:23:31 MDT 2006


It's me Merrill.

Don't know if you attended but I'm the one who did the WyattERP presentation
at Action Target a couple of years back.
I've also done alot with other languages, ie. VB, a little powerbuilder,
Paradox Application Language, sql, php, html, very little C++, TCL/TK, bash,
I've been a big proponent of open source, particularly Linux, SAMBA and open

I'm a postgresql bigot, but use mysql more often.

In any event, I don't know if you remember me or know what I look like.  We
have met.  You gave a presentation on spam filters a while back.

Here's me www.oveson.org

Here's my resume: www.oveson.org/resume.html

Since July of 2005 I've been helping my wife in her business doing
sales/marketing also order fulfillment and the technology side of things.

Here's our websites www.sweetbabybeads.com and www.sweetbabyboutiques.com

I'm interested to know more about this opportunity!


Merrill Oveson

On 4/27/06, Doran Barton <fozz at iodynamics.com> wrote:
> Hey guys, it's an Iodynamics job opening!
> Unfortunately, it's not for a programmer/technician, but watch for one of
> those in a couple months.
> This one is for a technical sales person. We are really anxious to get
> this
> filled fast - no later than June 1 - so if you know anyone that fits the
> bill, let them in on it.
> Thanks!
> Here's the job description:
> Iodynamics (iodynamics.com), a growing IT and web services company based
> in
> the Salt Lake Valley, seeks an outsides sales representative. Join the
> friendly staff of Iodynamics and earn an excellent salary plus commission.
> Responsibilities:
> - Sell the firm's products and services, which include IT support
> services,
>   web design, programming, and server management.
> - Prospect and pursue new leads.
> - Work with existing clients to find new work and leads.
> - Assist the firm in developing and maintaining marketing material and
> copy.
> - Assist in developing the firm's overall sales and marketing strategy.
> Perqs:
> - Excellent, negotiable base salary (will be based on experience).
> - High potential for commissions.
> - Insurance benefits (after 90 days with firm).
> - Lots of opportunity for success and growth with a relatively new and
>   growing company.
> Requirements:
> - College degree in business-related field or equivalent experience in
>   IT-related sales and marketing (pre-existing business contacts along
>   Wasatch Front is a plus).
> - Strong computer and Internet skills (high degree of proficiency is a
>   plus).
> - Familiarity with the products and services of the IT industry (knowledge
>   of Open Source software and/or the Linux operating system is a big
> plus).
> - Business-like, professional appearance and personality.
> - Ability to communicate well verbally and in writing.
> - Must be able to operate throughout Cache, Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and
> Utah
>   counties for 40-hour work weeks.
> To apply:
> - Send resume in text, HTML or PDF format to: iojobs at iodynamics.com.
> --
> fozz at iodynamics.com is Doran L. Barton, president/CTO, Iodynamics LLC
> Iodynamics: IT and Web services by Linux/Open Source specialists
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