Tracking Email routing

Stephen Smith scsmith1451 at
Mon Apr 24 13:41:14 MDT 2006

We are experiencing some quirks with our outbound emails.  Some emails 
can be sent via a mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook on some 
machines but not on others.  As far as we can tell, all clients are 
configured the same. We also have an automated system that emails from 
an Oracle Client via mutt on the server.  Most emails go fine, however, 
some do not.  Sometimes delivery depends on the type of attachment, PDF 
vs Text or Zip file other times no attachments are involved.

When email do not get delivered, no bounce notices are received and no 
errors are registered.

Not being an email expert, more like a novice, I could use a little help 
tracking down the issues.  Is there an equivalent to traceroute for 
email, that would diagnosis routing issues?

We are currently using SendMail on RH9 for our server, however, plans 
are in the works to replace it.   Is replacement the solution or will we 
still have these kins of issues to deal with?

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