Ubuntu Dapper Preferences->Screen Resolution

Thom Metge uug_emetge at accident-prone.com
Sat Apr 22 17:59:25 MDT 2006

Hmmm... sounds like your monitor settings are wrong or somehow a little 
messed up.  Can you post the "Devices" sections of your xorg.conf?

Thom Metge
> My x.org is setup correctly with NVIDIA drivers. However, the
> Preferences->Screen Resolution menu does not show the correct "Refresh
> Rate" for my monitor. I'm looking for 60Hz and the only option is
> 75Hz.
> The funny thing is, when GDM loads the graphical startup screen, the
> Hz is at set correctly at 60. Its only after logging in that Gnome (?)
> sets my screen to 75Hz and wont let me go down to 60. Since
> "Preferences->Screen Resolution" is run as non-root, I'm assuming
> there is some messed up setting in one of my user's hidden folers or
> something.
> Help!
> Chris
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