Mysql Naming Convention

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Wed Apr 19 10:18:44 MDT 2006

XML is used to encapsulate data so that it can be transmitted between
differing systems in a consistent format.  Think of RSS, AJAX, SOAP,
etc.  It was designed to replace SGML, of which HTML is a subset.

Do you seriously think that XML is a suitable language to be used in the
place of a relational database, or did you just want to argue for the
sake of arguing?  'Cause you just took a very minor part of my point,
removed the context, and argued the semantics of it.

Let me return the favor.

> Could you replace all your "content" with zeros and still have it
solve your problem?  

That's so confused, I don't know where to start.  How could zeroing out
your data solve any problem?

And to answer your question, things I would use XML for does not include
storing dynamic data.  I'm not that masochistic.  Maybe I should have
stated more explicitly that the 'data' I was referring to was data that
should be stored in a relational database, but I thought that was
understood, given that this is a thread about relational databases.

If you feel like arguing my actual point, feel free.  If you want to
continue to argue semantics, then I'll pass.


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> > This has to be the worst example I've ever seen to back up any
> > of any kind.
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> > XML is a markup language.  I would never consider storing data in a
> > markup language.
> That's so confused I don't know where to start...
> Look, think of something you *would* use XML for.  What is it you're
> marking up?  Could you replace all your "content" with zeros and still
> have it solve your problem?  If not, your content is a form of data.
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