Mysql Naming Convention

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Plural is the right way.  SQL was designed to be a natural language (thus
the select col from tablename where...)

Thus, a class represents a row in a table...a single row, whereas the table
represents a collection of rows (plural).  Therefore, the table name is
plural, the class name is singular.

If you are using a framework, it should have a small function to convert
from plural to singular.  You'll have to anyway, since at some point, you'll
need to have a plural word somewhere (i.e. "List of Clients" for the title
of a page, that queries the clients table).  

MySQL even has built in functions that are plural:

Show databases
Show tables


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Gregory Hill wrote:

> But, there is no rule or standard in this regard.

Someone else said it as well but I personally think that since there is
no true standard that consistency is the most important thing.  I think
the best thing would be to have a set of "engineering standards" for
naming conventions, be it in source code or sql code, or anything along
those lines for that matter.

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