ticket tracking software

Gregory Hill Gregory_Hill at tni.com
Tue Apr 18 13:20:20 MDT 2006

> trac absolutely rocks.  The subversion and wiki integration make for
> powerful collaboration system too.  It's highly adaptable.  We've
> altered and extended trac to handle 6 different departments, and
> integrated it with out ldap server.  It is by far the best one I've
> seen.  Even better it is written in python, so it is extensible and
> modular.

The main beef I have with trac is it displaying email addresses in plain
text which spam crawlers pick up.  I received absolutely NO spam on my
email account before posting a bug to a system using trac.  Now I get a
few a day (still not horrible, but I preferred receiving no spam).

I wish they'd obfuscate it in some way. Reading on their site, it's been
a reported bug for over 2 years with no solution as of yet (just arguing
about what the best method would be).

Of course, that could be an issue with the others as well, I have no


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