Job offer: IT Manager for startup company in CA

Richard K Miller richardkmiller at
Mon Apr 17 10:08:13 MDT 2006

A friend of mine is looking to hire an IT Manager/CTO for his startup  
company in southern California.  Relocating would be required.  The  
company is PICS Auditing ( and they took  
2nd place in the BYU Business Plan Competition last year.  They are  
currently a JSP/MySQL shop.  I don't know how much the pay would be,  
but I'm sure it's negotiable depending on experience and I believe  
stock is an option too.

The IT Manager would provide strategic direction for all their  
technology systems and would oversee a staff of programmers in Costa  
Rica.  Ability to speak Spanish is a plus, but not required.

If you're interested, contact Jared Smith at 949 387 1940 x706 or at  
recruiting at  If you want more information, I can  
send you a PDF of the job listing.  (I didn't want to attach it to  
the list email.)


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