Moisture sensors

Bill Peeler bpeeler at
Sat Apr 15 13:37:00 MDT 2006

On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 14:25:43 -0600
Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:

> I've been wanting something like this to play with anyway, so maybe 
> this'll be my excuse to buy one! :)
> Any idea how I could hook up a moisture sensor to it? With 8 analog 
> inputs, does this mean that I could theoretically connect 8 moisture 
> sensors?

One of the interesting suggestions I've seen for a moisture sensor is to
put one contact on each side of an alligator clip and clamp a cheap
(uncoated) aspirin tablet between the contacts.  Water disolves the
aspirin and you have contact...

let us know how you finally set this up.

I've intended to do a temperature sensor network for various place in my
house and crawl space.  One of the things I looked at was a single wire
sensor network.  I think it was by Dallas Semiconductor.  Maybe they
have something to sense moisture that would be real engineering.



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