Antennas for wireless networks

David B bavibs at
Fri Apr 14 22:41:33 MDT 2006

>>You won't get caught though.
>Technically the parabolic tinfoil thing isn't an antenna.  You use the
>antenna that's already attached to the device.
>And technically having a HAM license won't help you there.  That band
>isn't licensed to HAMs, it's licensed to everyone (with some
>restrictions).  It is true though that most devices are licensed only
>for the antenna the manufacturer sold it with.
Sterling is right, you are wrong.  Good try though. Anything that 
transmits is a device regulated by the fcc. If you change antennas and 
higher signal levels then they were certified you are breaking the law. 
Most store bought routers blast at the fcc limit for the antenna they 
have, so if you add a directional antenna to it, you go above the 
allowed Db limits. Unfortunatly the fcc doesnt care about the 2.4 
spectrum so you really can do
what ever you want. I would recomend a 5w amp while your at it.

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