Antennas for wireless networks

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Fri Apr 14 09:48:12 MDT 2006

Since we are on the subject of wireless networks, I figured I would ask a 
question about antennas to see if anyone here knows much about them.  I 
currently "share" my Internet connection with one of my neighbors who 
lives across the street.  I put a WAP in my attic and a repeater in his 
house.  From the front of my house to the front of his it is about 25 
meters.  The repeater that I have over at his house is able to pick up the 
signal from the WAP in my attic, but it is weak.  However, it is good 
enough for them to surf the Internet.  They are not power users so do not 
know that it could be going much faster.

I am wondering if someone can suggest an antenna that I could put in my 
attic that would send a strong signal across the stree?

My network is almost exclusively Netgear.  I have had good success with 
Netgear and enjoy their products.  However, I am not married to them by 
any means.

This is what is in my attic and also in my neighbors house:


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